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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Volleyball?

Club Volleyball is similar to any other travel sport. It is played in high school off-season to help prepare you for high school season. It is a step-up from high school season as you get to play with and against athletes from all different area high schools. 


When does the season run?

LCVC season runs from September until February. Try-outs are in September, Practices begin in October and Tournaments begin in November. 


When are 2021 tryouts?

Dates for 2021 Tryouts have not been determined yet.


How much do you charge for your program and what does it include?

We charge less than $1,000  for the season and that includes: 2 Jerseys, 1 Pair of Shorts, Tournament Fees, Coaching Fees, and Facility Rental.. We pride ourselves on keeping volleyball affordable and competitive. The only additional fee that is for the athlete’s USAV Membership.


How many times a week do you practice?

We practice twice a week, Monday and Wednesday from 6-9pm. New this season, we have paired with HolAthlete to bring in Elite Athlete training including agility, speed, explosiveness, mind and body training.


How many Tournaments do you compete in?

Each season we compete in 8 tournaments. 2 in November, December, January and February. This includes one 3-Day Bid Tournament/National Qualifier in Chicago. 


What age groups does LCVC cater to?

Each season we plan to have three teams at the 15/16U level, catering to 8th graders, freshmen and sophomores and three teams at the 17/18U level, catering to juniors and seniors.


How far does LCVC Travel?

Since we are a regional club, we keep things between Chicago and Milwaukee. We will play One 3-Day National Qualifier, that being the Boys Winter Volleyball Championships in Chicago, and then other 1-Day Events. Sometimes we may have a 2-Day Event as well.


Where do you practice out of?

We practice out of the Zion Sports District located at 2400 Dowie Memorial Drive, Zion, Illinois. We have the entire Sports Arena to ourselves on our practice nights. This allows us to keep our program cost efficient and provide high level quality training. 


How qualified are your coaches?

We pride ourselves on having a very qualified staff of coaches. Each of them have played at the Varsity or NCAA Level and have helped us to shape our program into what it is today. You can read more about our coaches under the Staff section!


How successful is your program? 

We consider ourselves to be one of the top regional clubs in Illinois. Our goal is to make have our athletes make their high school teams, a goal we always accomplish. Nearly all our players  make their high school teams with many of our 15s getting pulled up to JV and our 16s getting pulled up to Varsity, a consistent trend for us. We have had teams ranked in the National Top 50 before and are consistently competing with other clubs' National teams. Every season LCVC has been in existence we have won tournament championships. In addition, we have moved many players into the collegiate ranks and trained over 300 boys in Lake County. 


Do you offer College Recruiting assistance?

Yes! Please contact Coach Jordan or see him at practice or a tournament for help in college recruiting. You can see our Recruits and Alumni pages for more info!

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